The Allemaengel Project Capital Campaign

Continuing the Mission.


The next phase of the Historical Society’s journey is the Allemaengel Project: renovating and converting existing portions of the Trexler Grain Mill into a larger meeting hall and museum space. The work is currently underway, and the Historical Society is asking community members to help via donations to sponsor specific improvements to the building. All donors will have their contributions recognized by the Historical Society.

The Historical Society is spending $150,000 for the Allemaengel Project. The project began in late 2015, and so far ATHS has received over $15,000 specifically towards this goal. A 2016 capital campaign raised $8,900, and $6080 was raised in 2017.

Donations to The Allemaengel Project’s Capital Campaign may be used for things beyond the actual building project itself. For example, your donation of $60 might fund the purchase of a speaker for the meeting room. A donation of $250 could help cover the cost of amplifiers, projection screens or exterior safety lights.

If you have any questions regarding this fundraising campaign, membership in the Historical Society, volunteering, or simply general inquires, please reach out to us!

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Albany Township Historical Society is fully incorporated within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and is registered with the United States Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service, as a Non-Profit Organization under Section 501(c)(3). Your direct contributions are fully deductible and exempt from federal income tax.

Two decades of community involvement

Over the past 20 years the Albany Township Historical Society has undertaken numerous projects and offered many programs and events, such as:

  • Purchased and renovated the Trexler Grain Mill
  • Hosted dozens of informative meetings including representations of Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, General US Grant and topics ranging from food to music to the crafts and industry unique to Albany Township.
  • Published several books including two photographic books, a cookbook, two census books and a history of Albany Township by Arthur Klingaman
  • Celebrated Kempton’s 125th Anniversary in 1999 with a three day event that included a parade, a charcoal burn and a Civil War encampment
  • Celebrated Albany Township’s 250th Anniversary in 2002 with a formal dinner, a day of historical reenactments and hosted the Albany Elementary School for a field trip to the Indian village to experience demonstrations of the lives of the Lenni Lenape and the early settlers.
  • Published a quarterly newsletter for 20 years of historically significant events pertaining to the area
  • Hosted a very well attended evening to say farewell to our Albany Township Elementary School
  • Sponsored bus trips to destinations including: Gettysburg, Hyde Park, Landis Valley Farm Museum and Historic Bryn Athyn
  • Sponsored a yearly scholarship award to a KAHS senior in recognition of their volunteer work