Newsletter Back Issues: 2004

Newsletter Back Issues: 2004

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Vol. 07, No. 01; Winter 2004

The Enigmatic Johannes Kistler of Albany Township
by Bruce Kistler
Writer Bruce Kistler documents his ancestry research efforts on Johannes Kistler back to 1737, and clarifies some mis-information between Johannes Kistler and John George Kistler. This six page article includes the source for information and documentation.


Vol. 07, No. 02; Spring 2004

Oil and Coal Discovered in Wessnersville

  • The Oil Excitement: May 30, 1891
  • Stony Run: August 3, 1891
  • Excerpt from the book 'The History of Albany Township by Arthur Klingaman
  • Coal in Berks: March 26, 1898
  • Kempton Coal a Reality or Dream: January 28, 1926

Concrete Roads in Allemaengel

  • Big Road Job to be Given in August, June 5, 1925 - The Kutztown-Kempton Concrete Road
  • Construction along New Road to Krumsville, May 12. 1926
  • Road Celebration is Set for July, June 30, 1927
  • Big Attendance at Dedication of New Road, July 21, 1927
  • New Concrete Road Almost Completed, July 31, 1930 Wanamaker-Kempton Stretch
  • Kempton-Wanamaker Road to be Thrown Open August 10th, August 7, 1930
  • The New Road is Welcome, August 7, 1930

Local Farmer jailed for Assault and Battery

  • Hemerly to get $3800 for Barn, August 7, 1930
  • Victor Hemerly Dischared by Court, September 18, 1930

Vol. 07, No. 03; Summer 2004

Classification of the Pennsylvania Barn
by Robert F. Ensminger
Detailed three page article on the history of Pennsylvania barns in a core area that covers an oblong region extending from the Delaware River across and into Maryland.

Subtopics are:

  • The evolution of the Pennsylvania Bank Barn
  • Classes of the Pennsylvania Barn Defined
  • Class I, the Sweitzer Pennsylvania Barn 1730-1850
  • Class II, The Standard Pennsylvania Barn 1790-1890
  • Class III The extended Pennsylvania Barn 1790-1920

Includes an insert with diagrams of floor plans for different versions of the bank barn.


Vol. 07, No. 04; Fall 2004

Disentangling Peter Fies, Peter Friess, and Peter Driess in 18th Century Albany Township, Berks County, PA
by Janet R. Binkley
Janet Binkley is a descendent from Peter Friess and Peter Fies and became focused on separating the two families. She had assistance in her research from several branches in the family tree. She writes about the similarity in names, variable spelling and errors in transcriptions. She includes sections on Cornelius Dries's land, Peter Friess Sr. and Jr., Peter Friess Jr. in Albany and Reading, origins of Peter Fies and the children of the three Peters. Extensive genealogical information on these families are included. Lastly, a short article: 'Was Peter Friess's First Wife Maria Brobst?'

This article includes a copy of an early map of Albany Township (approx 1753).