Newsletter Back Issues: 2005

Newsletter Back Issues: 2005

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Vol. 08, No. 01; Spring 2005

The Horrors of the Immigrants' Voyage
Translation of a letter written by Johannes Kunchel (1709, Florsbach, Germany) who, with wife Anna Magdalena emigrated on the ship, Patience, 16 September 1748.
Article taken from the book: "A Gathering & Mingling of Early Kunkel-Kunkle-Gunkel Families" by James E. Kunkle and W. M. Kunkel

A detailed article on the financial suffering, and health suffering immigrants endured traveling by ship across the atlantic in the mid 1700's. The suffering continued once the immigrants landed in Philadelphia where many were separated and forced into years of servitude to pay for their crossing.

Vol. 08, No. 02; Summer 2005

Die Albrecht's Leute - Albright's People in Albany Township
Early historians of the Evangelical Association Church chronicled many challenges faced by one local family when Albright's people came Albany Township

Origins of the Evangelical Association
Founded by Jacob Albright in the late 1700's the early followers were known as Albrecht's Leute, or Albright's People, and were scorned because their meetings were very emotional.

The Evangelical Association in Albany Township
The evolution and struggles of the Evangelical Association in Albany Township and involving the children of Michael Brobst and the children of George Miller of Schuylkill County.

Vol. 08, No. 03; Fall 2005

Die Albrecht's Leute, Part 2

A history of Albany’s Evangelical Churches
Zion, Salem, and Snyder’s Churches; and a brief look at the
Evolution of the Evangelical Association.


Vol. 08, No. 04; Winter 2005

Plants of the Four Square Garden at the Fahnestock House

Overview of a historical Pennsylvania-German kitchen and herb gardne inclding names and usages of plants.