Newsletter Back Issues: 2016

Newsletter Back Issues: 2016

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Vol 19, No 1 Spring 2016

Benjamin F. Danenhower and the Danenhower Funeral Home

This features the life of Benjamin Danenhower, and the importance of his funeral home to the residents of Albany Township.  It also contains excerpts from some of the funeral records.

Vol 19, No 2 Summer 2016

An Act for the Relief of the Poor

A look into the history of legislation affecting the poor in Pennsylvania and how these laws impacted the history of two of Albany’s residents:  Hans Snider (1756) and George Kaufman (1771).

Vol 19, No 3 Fall 2016

Wildflowers of Albany Township-Legacy of the Past

Nancy Wisser recounts her childhood in Albany Township and the wildflowers that continue to flourish here.


Vol 19, No 4 Winter 2016

Memories of Albany Elementary

Andrew Brett recounts his memories of attending Albany Elementary School, a brief history of the school, and a commemoration of its closing.