The Albany Township Historical Society was formed in 1997, and the building purchased in 2001. Volunteers are working hard to raise funds for renovations that are needed to safely store and preserve records, hold meetings, and sponsor events. This is an ongoing project that is approximately half way complete.

We usually hold four to five meetings and/or events a year and they are usually held the third Monday of the month, 7:30 PM in the main room on the ground floor. Occasionally meeting are held off site.

Annual membership helps to support our goals in preserving the history of Albany Township.

Quarterly newsletters are included in each membership. They are printed on archival quality acid-free paper intended for long term preservation. Our newsletters are full of factual history and stories from the township and surrounding areas. Some are reprinted newspapers articles from many years ago, while others are written by local residents.

Individual newsletter issues can be purchased from our General Store


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